Thursday, September 15, 2011

August Rain

Strangers did not make her squeamish. They just put her off. They were like these big bad clouds ruining her perfect August morning. They wouldn’t rain, nor would they let the winds flirt with the pootted pink petunias on her window sill. They would just stay stubbornly sulking in the skies blocking out a perfectly gorgeous sun. A bundle of useless murky colored fluff- that’s what they were; the clouds and the strangers.

The minute she saw him lean against the bar counter and whisper to the bartender, she knew her peace was about to be shattered. For that past half an hour he had been darting quick glances her way. She assessed her response to his glances. Did staring back with a frown on your face qualify as an invitation? Not the last time she checked. Did swiveling on the bar stool and turning her back on him mean he could offer her a drink? The rules had sure changed since the past week.

The bartender got busy with mixing drinks. He settled down on the stool , careful to avoid looking at her. If he looked at her before the steward got her the drink, he would come across as too eager. If he did not look at her at all, it would be flippant. If he looked at her after she was given the drink, he would come across as a coward. The timing would have to be just right. She knew that. Been there done that.

Would his timing be right? She narrowed her eyes at him. His hair was thick and cut stylishly short. Definitely an expensive hair stylist. So he was a man who cared about his looks. Was that good or bad? It could mean he was immensely self absorbed, or it could mean he simply liked to look good. Did he look good? His jaw was square cut in a very Tom Cruise way, that definitely worked in his favor. His lips had a pout that just missed being feminine, making them look very kissable in a romantic sort of way. His nose seemed to be a problem. It was fine till mid-length but seemed to flare a little too much for her taste. If only she could see his eyes. In the dim lighting of the bar, with his face turned away from her there was no way she could see his eyes. But the eyes were the key to the truth of his soul.

Her scrutiny was interrupted by the steward at her elbow. She looked at him. He was leaning his elbow on the bar, his head turned towards her with a confident smile stretching his tempting lips. Timing. He had gotten the timing right. She picked the glass off the tray and raised a toast to him. He lifted his glass in response but did not make a move to come towards her. Smart move. He could not afford to seem too desperate now.

She eyed the bomb pop handed to her. A tiny smile made its presence felt. He had noticed what she was drinking. Actually he had more than just noticed, he had actually identified her drink! Not everybody knew what a bomb pop was. That was one up for him. She took a hesitant sip of the drink. An eyebrow popped in appreciation all of its own accord. She looked at him bewildered. The drink was perfectly laced with an extra hint of lemonade. Just the way she liked it.

He moved off the stool and walked towards her. She watched his every step. The way his blue shirt clung to his torso, the way his long legs swallowed the distance between them. The way his eyes never left her.

“Hope nothing’s wrong with the drink,” he smiled. Confident. Sassy. His voice was gruff. Had he already had one drink too many? If he did; it did not show.

“Its perfect. Thank you.”

“I noticed you frown through the evening,” he leaned against the table. “Was going to blame it on the drink.”

“Guess you were wrong. The drink had nothing to do with it!” She meant to be rude, but her voice had a smile in it.

“I figured that out when you turned your back on me,” he laughed.

“And yet you choose to buy me a drink?”

“I cant help it if you have an irresistibly sexy back!” He defended. Mischief poured through his eyes, which she noticed were a crazy shade of hazel.

Sometimes, she told herself as she sipped her bomb pop, grey clouds burst into a bubble of rains. And in an instant the weather changes. August rains, she confessed, were the most beautiful thing she had ever experienced.


Raj said...

waiting for september rains now. :P

had me hanging on a cliff, thats whats it did. then gradually pulled me back by the collar and onto the bed again. good work! :)

blunt edges said...

And the season of flirting is on us :)

Just out of curiosity, maybe he just told the bartender to repeat her drink. Errr..that's what I would do. And thus I don't have to be bothered about the intricacies associated with it ;)

Rain Girl said...

yaaar... ab kya bolun.. too good hai *sigh*

and I agree with @blunt edges comment - he could have just asked that.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

The title is lovely :)
Nice post :)

~Serendipity~ said...

:) I'm in sync with blunt edge too :P

Its awesome :)
I love the title :)

Beauty and the BEast said...


September had a cloud burst!! The water washed away all the words :O

thanks for the dramatic and much appreciated complimented!!!

love the way you react!! <3

Beauty and the BEast said...

@blunt edges

you killed the romance dude!! :(

you just brutally stabbed it.. murdered!!


Beauty and the BEast said...

@rain girl

you say it best when you say nothing at all??!!


Beauty and the BEast said...


Thank you!

Beauty and the BEast said...


:D :D thanks a tonne!