Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whispers of the shadows

He was a thief. He stole magic from the night. He wrapped himself in the invisible velvet so tight, that every touch of his mesmerized, tantalized, caressed... He tempted life to surrender every sense to his bidding. He was addiction- of the worst kind.

She never wanted to let him go.

She had let him paint imaginary stars on the dark canvas of her wounded dreams. She had known, even then, that when she would wake up, the stars would disappear taking him with them. But she had indulged him nevertheless. How could she not? She was spellbound, wasn't she? Captivated by his presence, enamored by his existence.

She had known it was too good to be true.

He had led her and she had blindly followed. Their dance a final performance on the stage of life. She wanted the dance to last forever. She could not miss a step, for a missed step would ruin the perfection of their moment. Yet with every step, she was closer to the moment the curtain would fall.

To dance or not to dance?

His smile made his lies so believable, for some moments she pretended with him that they were true. With his smile he created a new world for her. A world he would soon leave. But he never told her that. His smile just asked her to believe in that which could not be.

And she did.

Without a noise, the magic ended. All it took was the meeting of his lids. He closed his eyes on his world and hers, leaving her all alone.

Like she had known all along he would.


Rain Girl said...

awwww.. :| this makes me sad.. yet eel the magic.. if you know what I mean..

always so good with words..

rantravereflect/ jane said...

we always fall into the arms of those who let us go for a free fall @ the eod.. forever is just a word in the dictionary- n wll, if ya ask me, forever is boring neways..

The Sage said...

had it lasted forever it would have lost its charm, its magic... so it was perhaps befitting that it ended on a perfect note!!

Raj said...

mindblowing. the subtlety of death.

rainboy said...

reminds me of beautiful memory :)

blunt edges said...

Back here after a long time and u still are easily the best writer I follow :)

"Yet with every step, she was closer to the moment the curtain would fall." Love the line :)