Friday, October 29, 2010

Drunken Experiment

Its not like me to get personal on this space. Normally it is my imagination which springs wings and takes flights of fantasy into the unexplored world of human emotions. Words just splash themselves on an invisible canvas and a new love story begins with the tender laces of black and white.

But that's what usually happens here.

Usually, when I am not tempted by goofy possibilities. When my natural instinct to write overrides my basic instinct to be me. And today is definitely unusual!

For the very first time, I have turned to the keyboard in a sense of blissful stupor. Some might call it being drunk, I think of it as being alive. All my sensed working beyond their optimum capacity. Its a little after midnight. I can hear the clock eerily ticking above the annoying clacking of my keyboard. Like the mighty hands are ticked off at being subdued by the incessant click of the puny keys. I, though, am silently pleased. I dont even want to count the number of times that horrid ticking has kept me awake at night, fueling my imagination with nightmarish thoughts!! Serves them right! Go tick away!

There is a slight wind blowing right outside my closed window. And I swear I can actually see it move. Its like angels have dressed in black and crept out of the high heavens for a midnight fiesta outside my window. Their noiseless feet move gracefully across my rusting balustrade and every now and then I can hear a giggle or two.

I am not imagining it!

The winds ought to be cold at this time of the year. There is a definite drop in temperatures. A cold chill runs down my spine as I summon this thought. Goosebumps taint my dry skin. But I swear that guy in the red T-shirt standing next to his black CRV has sweaty palms as he helps his drunken date into the apartment. I can almost smell his thoughts.

And gag on them.


I can hear him too. Waiting for me to join him as we close our eyes on another day together. I can hear him getting impatient to fold me in his arms and let me loose only when a new day has dawned upon us. I can hear him waiting to tell me, that tomorrow is another chance to create a lifetime together, so lets hurry up and seal today!

I love listening to things he never says!

Unfortunately I hear them best only when I am drunk!


Raj said...

aye :P

you know i actually thought you were acting weird and then pata chala. u r just high :P


The Sage said...

missing drinking at your place... me you V n rain girl... merry company, it used to be...

rainboy said...

I want to drink with all you guys again loved it last time :D

Ria said...

Lol nice post. Totally high on emotions n life as such.

Tanvi said...

Lollz ... that was very hilarious.. :)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

wowww :* well, ya must be a vampire when ya get drunk- they can really hear things other people are thinking ;) love the way ya put it togetehr though ;)