Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wood Logged

“I have to be totally insane to be doing this!” she giggled as she pulled the sheet over her breasts. He leaned over and nibbled at her soft earlobe. She giggled again.

“Either that,” he said as he trailed kisses down her slender neck, “or insanely in love!”

“That too,” she purred as she let go off the sheet and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer.

“I don’t believe you haven't told anybody about this!” he said as he traced her collarbone with the tip of his tongue. She arched herself towards him, encouraging his explorations.

“You were right,” she purred, “nobody would have approved.”

He dug his hand into her thick black hair and tilted her face towards him. With his thumb he traced the outline of her lower lip, “So everybody think you are attending a conference in Milan?”

In response she wrapped her lips around his exploring thumb and sucked on it. It was his turn to smile. “And what do people at work believe?” he asked mischievously.

“That,” she leaned closer to him, her lips a breath away from his, “I have a family function to attend.” With that she sealed any further conversation by taking his lips firmly between hers.

The eerie stillness outside the wooden cabin was a striking contrast to the roaring passion inside. The trees stood in silhouetted dread against the morbid background of a starless grey sky. Despite the chill, there was nothing to stir the pointed leaves which ached to flutter to ground and bury themselves in the same dirty soil they once rose from. For miles around there was nothing but a thicket which stood as dead as a cemetery. And an everlasting chill.

A thin sheen of sweat highlighted their abandoned passion. They lay down beside each other, staring at the ceiling. Minds devoid of all thought and bodies alive with the sensation of being loved.

“That’s weird,” she said breaking the silence. “I don’t even hear a cricket!”

“It’s too cold for the cricket to be making noises,” he explained.

“What are we doing out here, all by ourselves, cut away from this world, in this cabin of yours?” she smiled and snuggled closer to him.

“Rediscovering love,” he wrapped an arm around her. “You know that was a dangerous thing to do,” she said seriously.

“What was?” she asked staring at him in confusion.

“Coming here without telling a soul about where you were going to be,” he explained. She scoffed. “What if I was a serial killer or something. And this cabin was a place where I got women and then murdered them.”

“Are you?”

“Let’s say I am!”

“Then when you murder me, would it be like a gruesome form of murder, or would you make it painless.”

“Oh I would keep it gruesome. I would torture you and get off on that expression of naked fear in your eyes. It’s how serial killers operate. Didn’t you know?”

She raised herself on her elbows and looked at him. “Ok now you are scaring me,” she laughed nervously.

“The scared you are, the better for me,” he eyed her steadily.

“This is absurd!” she got off the bed and pulled the sheet around her. “You think this is a joke?” she shouted at him. “You get me all the way here, to some godforsaken place and start talking all this psychotic bull shit with me!” She exited the room.

He shook his head and laughed. He got off the bed and pulled on his boxers. “Sweetheart,” he shouted to her, “ You know I was just kidding! I love you !” He followed her to the kitchen. “Ok, I am sorry. I know I took that joke a little too far. Talk to me…”

She turned around with the meat knife grasped firmly in her hand. A small sad smile danced on her just-kissed lips. “Look,” he reasoned with her, “I am no serial killer and you don’t need to get that defensive. Put that knife down.”

“Ok!” she laughed and struck the knife in stomach.

“Ok!” she laughed again as she pulled the knife out. His eyes widened as he registered the blood flowing through the fingers of his clasped hands.

“Ok!” she laughed as she plunged the knife into his chest.

“Ok!” she laughed as she plunged the knife through his ribs.

“Ok! Ok! Ok!”


The Sage said...

nice one!! quite an unexpected twist in the tale!!

Crimson Feet said...

LOL... what freakiness

Raj said...

talk about spoiling the mood!
chi! eww! gross!

where is the hate forvere button?

†J said...

Wood logged, knife lodged!!
haha...that's pathetic rhyming!!

Truly psychotic!!
Masters of Thrillers you are!!

Rain Girl said...

You know.. I woke up at 2 a.m. and saw you have updated.. and very happily started reading.. of course, by the time I finished reading it, I was so scared I started watching HIMYM to distract myself from imagining a girl coming from the kitchen with a big knife - and I actually was glad I had no big knife at home... :P

Please put some kind of warning for me at least.. I didn't sleep at all :P Or some PG rating..

And btw, that is a compliment ;) and totally true!

gypsy said...


Ria said...

Gosh that was a weird twist!

blunt edges said...

Evil! I like that!! :D

Just another girl... said...

loved the ending !