Thursday, August 19, 2010

Understanding Love

“Was it worth it?” she asked as she tucked her feet beneath herself and settled more comfortably on the rocking chair. Everything around her was a complete contrast to her deceptively serene stance. Angry raindrops slapped against the window panes, threatening to crack their fragile existence. Lightening slashed he already bruised skies like a murderer’s blade. Winds howled and waged a war against the sheets of water. Any attempt to blow them away was met with a brutal resistance. The heavens had gotten in touch with their dark sides.

Inside the twelve by twelve bedroom, a different kind of chaos reigned. Her room mate buzzed around like a bee with a short term memory loss. She picked up things – clothes, shoes , books, pen stands, photo frames walked to the big bad spread open on the tiny bed, dumped them in only to pull them out again and scatter them all over the room. She walked briskly to the dresser and grabbed the perfumes, lipsticks and her favored artificial jewelry and dropped them into the bag instead. She stood there for a moment thinking and then upturned her entire bag on to the floor kicking viciously at the jewelry and scattering it everywhere along the marble floor. It was a good thing she had decided to sit with her feet off the floor.

She watched her room mate’s tear stained face. Fresh tears mingled with the mascara coated old ones, leaving ugly black streaks along her fair and slightly reddened cheeks. Unlike the cheeks, her nose had no compunctions sporting a bright red right on its buttoned end. A small amount of water ran down her nose. She valiantly tried to sniff it in, before her body rocked with another bout of heart wrenching stops. She stopped mid-stride in her pacing, to let the sobs flow out of her body. Then rubbing her nose on the sleeve of her three thousand rupees top, she started hurling things into the bag once again. She seemed to be undecided on whether she wanted to leave or stay.

“Was what worth it?” She sniffed and tried to gather the scattered clothes in her shivering arms.

“Being in love,” she said simply.

She paused her gathering and turned her beautiful wet eyes to the window. “Depends on what IT is,” she whispered finally.

“IT being all this pain,” she explained panning her hands to accommodate all the scattered items on the floor. “Was being in love worth all this pain?”

“How can anything be worth this pain,” she howled. She threw her armful of clothes back on the floor and the hurled herself on the bed and gave in to a fresh bout of scalding tears.

“Then I don’t think you are or were ever in love, “ she leaned back in her chair and smiled even as her friend continued to sob.

“What do you mean? “ she asked biting back a sob and sitting up on the bed. “I should forgive his every lie? Pretend that I am not hurt? Give US a second chance?” disbelief laced itself through her high pitched agitation.

“I never suggested that,” she closed her eyes and sighed. It was a happy kind of sigh. “All I was trying to say was, if being without him hurts more than being with him, then the pain of being with him is worth it. That would be love.”

For a moment everything stilled. The heavens gasped. With that gasp the rain shattered into a million dews and scattered along every shiny surface. The winds stilled and whistled with gentle awe. The lightening suspended somewhere between the sky and the unknowns beyond. Like a lazy victor the sun stretched its warm fingers and caressed the smile he so loved.


Tapas said...

It's always worth it. Because without it life seems so without everything. I have never believed in the concept of a successful or failed love story, the moment you love someone,there itself begins a never ending story. :)

Raj said...

Lightening slashed he already bruised skies like a murderer’s blade.

what a line!

okay wiat lemme read the whole thing first.

Raj said...

She valiantly tried to sniff it in, before her body rocked with another bout of heart wrenching stops.

lady. i hate you. you are too fucking good.

blunt edges said...


Loved the detailed description.
You are awesome. Undoubtedly the best writer on my blog list!

The Sage said...

ultra amazing, as ever... i have run out of adjectives... could you lend me some???

d gypsy! said...

beautifully put...

'as usual' !!!