Sunday, August 1, 2010

Raindrops of Love

She closed her eyes and let the cool drops of water lick her face. Love can be such a cruel thing, she thought. At one point it consumes your very existence and at the next it ceases to exist completely, leaving behind an emptiness that cannot be defines. An emptiness echoed hollowly by the pattering drops of rain. She stuck her tongue out to taste the cold which wrapped her. She tasted nothing. Raindrops, she decided, were a lot like love.

Somewhere in the distance she could hear the loud sirens of an approaching ambulance, or perhaps it was a police car, who could tell the difference? They both wailed in the same unappealing manner. The loud patter of drops as they splashed against the puddle at her feet buffered that annoying plea. Her pink toenails looked like they were sprinkled with the tiniest of diamonds. She wriggled her toes in the water washing away those diamonds. They adamantly reappeared.

He had loved her feet. He said they were sexy and just looking at them turned him on. Liar, she smiled. But he lied well. She had believed him, hadn’t she? She had also believed him when he had said he loved her. And she had foolishly loved him back. She had made him the center of her existence and had planned every moment of her life around him. But she would no longer do that. She no longer loved him. How could she love him when he was no longer there?

All she felt right now was empty.

She stepped out of her red and white slip ons. The water from the puddle wrapped around her feet and lapped at her soles like a loyal dog. He had been anything but loyal. He had thought he could wake up one day and tell her he did not love her. Didn’t he know love was eternal? Love was not supposed to end! You cannot ‘stop’ loving someone. You either love someone or you don’t. Which would then mean he had lied to her about loving her at all.

She hated liars.

She took in a deep breath and opened her closed fist. The heavy knife slipped from her fingers and splashed into the puddle. It clattered with a muffled groan and landed a few inches away from her. The raindrops dutifully dropped on its glittering blade and started making splashed in the deep red edged along the bald. She watched unfeelingly as the red mixed with the water to turn a faint pink and finally dissolve into nothingness. Just like his love had. Just like her love had. Leaving behind nothing, but this feeling of emptiness. Emptiness felt hollow. It was like a space which was waiting to be filled. She did not like waiting. She did not like feeling empty. Another small smile tugged at her lips. She could hear very faint traces of people talking behind her. They must have arrived, either the paramedics or the police. She had called both, hadn’t she? It would have to be one of them.

She spread her hands like an eagle about to take flight and took in a deep breath. She could still smell him. His spicey after shave. It filled the emptiness within her like a hungry fire. Every part of her was suddenly alive with him. It was like he wasn’t gone, but he was right there with her. Inside her. This was true love! She thought. She lifted her feet off the ground and let her body react to gravity. She did not open her eyes on her flight twenty three stories down. It took a little more than a couple of seconds. A couple of seconds which would immortalize a love which was larger than life.

Or so she thought.


blunt edges said...

U sure as hell paint quite a great picture!

Loved the post. But then, what's new? :)

PS: Found quite an evident typo in the post. Not pointing it out though ;)

The Sage said...

she dint diie, did she?? tell me she did not...

Raj said...

bloody murderer you are becoming.
red and white slip ons? :P
naice. typical you. and lapping loyally like a dog. i bet you knoe that well :P

and btw, ur descriptions still flight the wind out of my tunnels.

Rain Girl said...

good to see you back!