Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

Dear Mom,

Remember how you helped me make my first birthday wish list when I was going to turn three? Add thirty more years to that number and what do you get? An expert birthday wish list writer! With three growing children and their wishes to cater too, I hardly find time to think about what I want. A week before my birthday, however, I think of all that I really crave and very obediently pen it down on paper and send it to you. Because ma, nobody has ever really cared about what I want more than you.

Here goes the list:

1. Golden Pixie Dust: We both know how incomplete my life is without it! I wish I had some golden pixie dust which I could sprinkle all around me and things would magically set themselves right. Golden pixie dust; which would enable me to fly high towards the skies and kiss the rainbow and stretch out and lie down on the white fluffy clouds. Even if just for a while. And then when I run out of all the magical dust, I wish I had some more!

2. A chocolate house: Imagine all the cooking it would save me! And it had better be in a cool place, where the chocolate does not melt. I don’t want to spend all my time cleaning up the mess left behind by molten chocolate. And the chocolate had better be the good nutritious kinds. I know my kids are going to never tire of licking those kind of walls. And let the topping please be primarily strawberry. I like the heady smell of strawberry and cocoa. Oh and in Anshika’s room, please have a gem plastered wall. That girl is crazy about gems. Oh and I don’t mind a cocoa bath. My masseur tells me its heaven for the skin! Do we have to pay a house tax for chocolate houses?

3. Glass Slippers: The kinds which Cinderella had? I wish I had a pair of those. A pair which would fit only me and no one else. And when I put them on I want to be transformed into this beautiful princess. They would cover my cracked heels and make my feet look like straight out of a shoe advert. And then I wish I misplace one of those and Ravi pulls heaven and earth together to find it for me.

4. Mice Friends: The ones who would scamper around and gather things for me! When I am exhausted and fall dead on the bed, they would clean and cook, just to surprise me! And they would sit and hear me dole out my woes and come up with imaginative fairy tale solutions. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Oh please ensure plague free mice. I just cant handle any medical expense at this point! And think about the children??!

They seem like such simple wishes, don’t they ma?

I wish you were here with me. Anshika tells me one of her fairy tales explains that when a special human being dies, he or she goes to heaven to become God’s special fairy.

You are very special ma. So when I come to heaven I am going to look around for the most beautiful fairy and in her arms I know I will find all my wishes come true.

Till then its back to baking scones for a girly tea party!

Miss you.

- Me


Crimson Feet said...

touching... actually hurts!


wishes heard!

rain girl said...

suchaaa lovely wish list...

if wishes were horses.....


Americanising Desi said...

if only wishes could all come true :)

Raj said...


am i HONOURED to know you.

chocolate houses and glass slippers. typically you.

rainboy said...

yeh wishlist poori kaise hongi...
everything that you want is not available on planet earth... only in stories...

I guess if someone discovers neverland only then these can come true...

kuch real bhi to wish karo ji .

take care

rainboy said...

At first I thought that this was a fiction post.... but then I read V's comments and PS ;)

Make these wishes come true V ;D

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Oh My God. this is so touching. I'm sure your mum is up there smiling at you :)
Seriously, I've got nothing to say.

blunt edges said...

hope all the wishes come true :)

Jini said...

Came across this post accidentally. really enjoyed reading it and then couldnt stop reading all the previous posts...all d way to the start :-) amazing blog and frankly..i am hooked on to it now. also read the comments on almost evey post and now feel like I know not just the writers but also your group of fellow bloggers/friends just a wee bit. will keep dropping in now.