Friday, February 12, 2010

Sherlock recapped

2:54 PM
The Sage:
Beauty and the BEast: hey!! wasssup??

The Sage: nothin much... just back from office...
what about you??

Beauty and the BEast: just finished reading the script for a movie called The Princess Bride!
ever seen it?

The Sage: nopes...

Beauty and the BEast: you should...
I should..
I must see if I can get it...
saw sherlock holmes btw
did u see it??

The Sage: yup...
dint like it though...

Beauty and the BEast: I think robert downey jr deserves to come to my living room

The Sage: lol

Beauty and the BEast: I liked it.. amd I totally loved him.. sigh
the brit accent ... uff

The Sage: he he

Beauty and the BEast: *all dreamy*

The Sage: pfaah

Beauty and the BEast: common
it IS like a turn on of sorts

The Sage: it was a stupid movie...

Beauty and the BEast: who cares??
all u had to do was see him and hear him

The Sage: the characters were entirely twisted... ac doyle would have been rolling in his grave...

Beauty and the BEast: worth the money I tell you..
oh yeah that I agree

The Sage: though the irene adler woman was good looking

Beauty and the BEast: I kept telling these guys it was a neo james bond take on poor ole holmes

The Sage :LOL! hahaahahahahahah

Beauty and the BEast : yep hardly noticed her though :P

The Sage : but she wasn't there on the screen nearly

Beauty and the BEast: thank GOD!! :P :P :P

The Sage: the only thing which could have saved the movie from the depths of utter boredom was her

Beauty and the BEast: nope... HIM

The Sage: guy richtie is mad... and this was more than a confirmation

Beauty and the BEast: I could watch him for another three days at a stretch without getting bored
who cares?? the casting director did a good job basis the script

The Sage: but the actual director should have kept irene on the screne much longer...
in fact, throughout the movie...

Beauty and the BEast: wud have been a major bore in that event ...

The Sage: not at all...
i could hardly keep my eyes open in the theatre last night...
that would not have been the case had she been kept on the screen more..

Beauty and the BEast: ah thats because u were tired and not because.. of whatever else..

The Sage: no no...

Beauty and the BEast: oh puhleez she was quite ordinary

The Sage: i was resting through the day...

Beauty and the BEast: I think they cud have used someone with more oomph and stuff

The Sage: and rd jr was way below ordinary

Beauty and the BEast: considering they were using Jude Law as watson

The Sage: violet smith was a major turn off, though

Beauty and the BEast: given in - he is the latest ooomph factor swamping the female minds

The Sage: *violet

Beauty and the BEast: Who the F*** is violet?

The Sage: the female who was watson's interest

Beauty and the BEast: ah she was quite weird I give in


sanely insane said...

i've been missing movies left right and center...this was one of those :(

blunt edges said...

lol...great 2 see a fun post here! :D

Americanising Desi said...


Raj said...

i agree with the sage. Rachel Mcadams did look pretty no doubt. :)

but the movie wasn't that boring. but i haven't read the book so i shouldn't judge. :D

lukin at d 2 of u, all both of u did was check out the opposite sex.
did ny of u actually watch d movie???

The Sage said...

oops!!! apologies for a factual error... it was mary morstan, not violet smith...

but was too engrossed watching her to catch her name... :P

rainboy said...


AshenGlow said...

@Beauty, Sage: Mary Morstan or Violet Smith... Jo bhi tha, movie toh miss ho gaya. Big time! Sigh!!! How many more to go before i get to watch one without thinking of the kettle kept to brew?

Still sighing,