Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Was there a point in carrying the umbrella? Her damp saree clung to her body, in a desperate attempt to avoid the pattering drops. Wet tendrils of brown black hair kissed her neck and forehead. She squinted skywards seeking the elusive sun, knowing she wouldn’t find him there. Her feet, comfortably ensconced in her practical footwear, beat splashes of water in the puddles as she hurried homewards. Once again her eyes skirted the periphery for the remotest signs of an auto.

Her gaze collided with jet black ones. Before she acknowledged him, her heart skipped a beat. Time slithered to a complete halt as memories flooded back to recreate a new moment. She wanted to say something; a million things all together. But words just tripped over themselves inside her head. The torrential rains veiled them from each other, but their eyes did not need the help of vision to know what lay on the other side. Just a blink and all would be lost. She knew that, he knew that.

A pearly droplet landed on her long eyelashes, blurring her vision. But she did not blink.

Somewhere in those recesses of her mind, which were beyond her own reach, she wanted this moment to last forever. She stared as the traffic buzzed in between them, unaware of the storm brewing on the opposite sides of the street. She watched him as he stared back at her.

Her cell phone rang. Without taking his eyes off him, she reached for her phone.

“Mamma?” the three year old crooned. “Gods are really angry, they sent the rains to scare me. When are you coming home?”

She looked away from him and stared at the phone. She looked back to where he was standing. He was still watching her.


Which of them were real? She stared from her phone to him and back. A tiny tear mixed with the rain and beat a hot path down her cheek. She put the phone back to her ear.

“I’ll be home in ten minutes baby!” she consoled her frightened daughter.

On cue an auto stopped right in front of her. She hurried into the backseat, lest she be tempted to glance back and be captured by that black gaze forever. She threw her head back and let the silent tears cascade down her cheeks. How she missed him!!!

She had missed him all these years. Yet, she had never known how to find her way back to him. What was he doing in her town? Why had he come after all these years to ruffle her peace. He would have to know how it would affect her. Was it his way of exacting revenge?

How could he affect her after all these years? She had married the man she loved, hadn’t she? And her husband loved her back with a crazy passion? Why on earth then, did that rainy moment threaten to haunt her in the days to come?

The auto screeched to a halt in front of the gate. She walked in and hugged her three year old daughter, deriving comfort from her warm body. She was not only married, she was also a mother. She had no business letting a stranger disrupt her life. Only, he wasn’t a stranger. If she closed her eyes, she would in a flash recreate everything about him, as she had known him.

But that was five years ago.

Time did strange things to people. She had changed in these five years. Drastically. They say, marriage does that you. Yet, in that one moment when their eyes had met, his black eyes had cut right through her defenses and stared straight at her soul.


comfortably numb said...

Aah...y does the past have this sickening habit of confronting you in the face???

blunt edges said...

d past is neva quite past it?

Crimson Feet said...

wild imagination!.... indeed!

iceprincess said...

damn..that had d goosebumps effect..
and d scariest part is..this is exactly how it is..when u face ur past...
scary...but a good one....

d gypsy! said...

time-does strange things to people..

a moment u r here, andr and it all seems like a dream..


AD said...

It is nice to live for today and complete what is to be done today. But humans are distinguished
from the rest of the living beings by hope. For other living beings, there may not be tomorrow.
But hope is life for humans. Tomorrow may not come for a few. But the others are sure that there will be a day after present one. And it is hoped by many to be a little better than today. What is not realized today may be within our reach tomorrow.
It is hope that make people to live through all torments of life. The moment a person loses hope, the very zeal to live is lost.

all may seem pointless but i had to let it out :)

†J said...

You create such good imagery with words.It appears as if its all happening in front of you.


The Rat... said...

ah!!! past hunts u down and haunt u forever... true true!!

Nice words, Beauty... Past never leaves us...

P.S # Liked ur Snippets page very much

Prakhar said...

A moment captured so beautifully.

I felt a little mystery in their relationship, which made me want to read more abt them...and what happened between them

comfortably numb said...

u r tagged n awarded...chck my space!!!

rain girl said...

ahaa. just perfect description... could imagine it all so well.. too real..

tell me again, why do u keep writing about "meeting someone from the past?"

Incurable Insomniac said...

The past is never really in the past.. No matter how much we speak about shedding baggage, we all carry a little bit of it into our present and definitely into the future..

I guess, its normal.. Because all these experiences, past or not, make us who we are..

As for the post, intuitive and fluid as usual.. I love your stories.. Have been reading your blog since quite sometime.. Commenting for the first time though..

Waiting to hear more from you..

Cheers :-)

Khamakha said...

a great insight into human psyche I would say....
past would always be an intriguing context to brood upon.
i dunno..probably it's better to face the truth..our past is as much an extention of our being as is our present or future to be...

it's ugly that one has to make such harsh decisions..when it comes to sumthing so integral to the heart. it's necessary...but so not-innocent...

time takes away tht innocence..:(

Mrinalini said...

past always does this to you..and had thought it goes with time...apparently, not..

AshenGlow said...


Past is a misnomer. It beats you in the face more terribly every time it comes back...

I see another rainy story.. Is it actually raining there? :)


p.s.: Marvin mailed me a birthday gift. Guess what it was. Your book. :)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...