Wednesday, June 17, 2009


She put the book down on her lap and leaned he forehead against the cool rain-washed window. Rivulets of crystal blue water criss-crossed on the glassy panes, forming a million dreamy patterns. She pulled the baby blue blanket further up and tucked it below her chin. Rains, she thought, were incomplete without coffee. As if reading her thoughts, a rain-mixed coffee smell drifted to her nostrils. She smiled. She remembered a conversation etched long ago in the golden folds of unforgettable memories.

He was sitting facing her, fidgeting with the paper napkins on the table. She watched his tanned hands strike a contrast against the snowy white tissues. She watched his strong fingers first fold, then unfold those tissues. Was he nervous? She wondered. Or maybe he found her boring enough to kill time folding tissues…

The waiter arrived with their coffees. She watched the frothy bubbles of her latte pop soundlessly in the white barista cup. She leaned in a bit closer and smelled the coffee and wriggled her nose.

“I take it, you don’t like the barista coffee much,” he said amusement lurking in his brown-black eyes.

“No! Its not that!” she hastened to assure him, lest he terminate this date prematurely.

He smiled and raised on brow in question. Oh he could simply melt her insides with the simplest of gestures, couldn’t he?

She sighed and confessed, “Its more like the on-the-move coffee, you know.. something you pick up in a hurry to get the caffeine kick?”

“Ok,” he said at length, clearly lost with her explanation. “And you don’t drink coffee for the caffeine kick?”

“Not always….” She admitted. “You see there are moments which demand the savory-coffee. You know? Moments like these? When you want everything to be just perfect! The perfect moment, the perfect atmosphere, the perfect guy on a perfect date..” she blushed feeling hot at being so blatant.

He smiled, blushing a little himself.

“You see?” she continued with her explanations, “moments like these deserve the perfect coffee. The perfect blend, which makes you go mmmmmm in response. The perfect proportions… unfortunately, you must make the perfect coffee yourself…”

She smiled at the memory as she watched the rain. This was one of those perfect moments which oh-so called for the perfect coffee. But she didn’t want to get up and make some herself.

“Coffee?” he said as he handed over a mug brimming with the hot beverage.

Startled, she looked up at him and smiled. She folded her hands around the coffee mug, drinking in its warmth and sniffed the wafting vapors.

mmmmmmm…. Perfect!

He lifted the book off her lap, tucked the blanket beneath her feet and sat himself opposite her. Together they stared out at the rains.

mmmmmmmm… Perfect!


blunt edges said...

now why on earth did dat leave me smilin?!?!?! :)
read ur last 3 posts too...u r a very versatile story teller...keep writin...u got a follower :D

rain girl said...


girl i LOVE u for writing this :*

its so so so so cutteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
:D :D


gimme rain..n coffeee... n hands to hold :D

shit, i love this! am grinnin from ear-to-ear..omg..u know, its so real-life-like :P


u r awesome!!

d gypsy! said...

all what i felt was


Anonymous said...

cuuute :)

Prakhar said...



totally luvd it...

tell me you are writing 2nd book..

sanely insane said...

the taste of the usually in direct proportion to the effort and care with which it is made...this story was adorable :)

Piyush said...

nice story..and i specially love the Css of your blog as of the most lively ones i have seen..
hmmmmmmm..just perfect..

The Sage said...

perfection.... well... i am lost for words... you've done the unthinkable, beauty.. you've left the sage speechless...

Voice said...

prakhar gave me ur link. he is a big fan. :)

Just like cofee :)

Lakshmi said...

gr8 post... loved it :)

rabbit said...


i wish all this could be true for me.
this is a dream for me,
i loved this post...

so romantic...


comfortably numb said...

how so wonderful:)

Shanu said...

Wow that made me feel all mushy :)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

:) tender. lol. you wrote a whole post on coffee. wow. :P