Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding invitation

“I am sorry, but if he is not coming, then I am not getting married,” she said her arms crossed over her chest and her face sporting her most indignant expression. Her mother opened her mouth to counter this decision but was silenced with, “The decision’s final. I am hearing nothing more about it.”

“This is ridiculous!” her father fumed and hurled the newspaper on the floor. “What do you mean by there is no wedding without him? You get married in two days! What’s the point of this tantrum? Look around! You are not four anymore!”

“Exactly Pa!” She said her stance getting more defiant. “I am not four. And this is my wedding. So I get a say in who’s invited and who’s not!”

“Invited?!” her father repeated disbelievingly. “Of course he is not ‘invited.’ He is not even welcome.”

When she did not react to his statement, he prodded, “You hear me girl?”

“Loud and clear,” she said with controlled fury. “Then I am not getting married. Simple” She countered looking him straight in the eye.

“What rubbish? What utter rubbish? Do you want marry Kunal or Veeru?” her father blasted.

“Why don’t we all calm down,” her mother interrupted afraid what her daughter might throw as an answer.

“Why don’t you call Kunal and speak to him?” She asked her daughter, “see what he has to say?”

“Its not his decision to make!” She said flinging her hands in the air. She could not understand why her parents were being so adamant about something they knew meant so much to her.

“Call him! You are about to get married to him! For heaven’s sake at least know what he has to say!” Her father said settling down on the couch once again, secure in the knowledge that he would have his future son-in-law’s unconditional support.

“Fine” she said looking from her father to her mother and back to her father. “But what he has to say, changes nothing about how I feel about all of this. I want Veeru here.”

She fetched her cell phone from her denim pocket and dialed Kunal’s number.

“Hey gorgeous!” Kunal screamed in her ear. “Can I call you in fifteen?”

She could hear massive chaos in the background, almost fifteen people seemed to be hushing each other at one time.

“Where are you?” she asked curiosity momentarily winning over the ‘veeru battle’.

“Oh…err.. ummm…,” she heard a lot of prodding at the back and knew she wasn’t going to get a truthful answer, “Out with friends, you know?” he laughed nervously.

There was more background noise. Scampering feet, ‘idiot’ being hissed from clenched teeth, ‘ouch’ and ‘aws’ and ‘hang the fuck up!’

“Honey, cant I really call you in fifteen?” Kunal almost pleaded.

“Actually not.” She said extremely curious about what her future husband was currently up to. “I need one question answered now.”

“Put the phone on speaker!” her father said from over her shoulder. She was first startled and then rolled her eyes at him. She punched the loudspeaker button.

The room was filled with weird sounds, mixed with muttered curses.

“Sweety,” Kunal’s voice echoed in the hall, “do we really have to do this now?”

“Yeah,” she shouted at the phone. She wanted to be sure that Kunal heard every word, “Is Veeru invited to the wedding or not?”

“Veeru what?” Kunal asked in a half-distracted voice. “Why do you want to invite Veeru? Ah hell!! Crap!! Beautiful I have to call you back. Bye.”

Just like that he cut the phone.

“Why do you want to invite Veeru?” her father repeated. “That does not sound like – Oh sure, let Veeru come! I have no objections!”

She slid the phone back into her pocket with a frown. How could Kunal do this? He of all the people understood what having Veeru at the wedding meant to her. How could he then let her down like this? Was marrying him going to turn out to be a mistake after all.

Her father returned to his newspaper with a smile, quite content to accept his daughter’s silence as an acceptance of Veeru’s absence at the wedding.

Her mother looked at her retreating back, as she headed for the stairs leading to her room. She understood, but she would never argue with her father.

The doorbell rang loud in the silence.

Her mother rushed to open it.

“Veeru!” she screamed with pure glee and rushed with open arms towards the door.

“Woof!” he barked with equal glee and rushed towards her, slobbering her with his happy tongue. She put her arms around the massive dog and hugged him tight.

“Surprise!” said Kunal from the door.

She left the dog and hurled her arms around him.

“But you said we don’t need to invite Veeru to the wedding..” she said looking into his eyes with half gratitude and half joy.

“You don’t invite family!” he said tucking a wayward lock behind her ear.

Marrying him wasn’t going to be a mistake after all!


The Sage said...

interesting... quite interesting... and of course you know the direction my thoughts were taking before the final twist in the tale (tail??)...

AD said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the twist. so got me!

comfortably numb said...


Maham Khan said...

OMG! The twist was super cool!

Loved it! =)

d gypsy! said...

supa kewl twist...

Mrinalini said...

A doggy tale!! yipee!
it was super, i loved reading this one! muahs from a fellow dog lover :D

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

i wish... i hadnt guessed. anyways for a second i thought he was in a bachelor party. :P