Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breaking the Silence

It's not me to be silent, especially for this length of time. Unless and until I have completely and wholeheartedly agreed to say goodbye to blogsville for good. But I could never do that! I could never say goodbye to blogging. I could never say farewell to writing!

So what then, has kept me away from the one thing that I love doing the most?Why, the thing I love doing the most, of course! Sounds a little mad I know. But these past months I have been writing. Actually I have been editing what I had already written in the earlier months. And editing, requires devoted attention.

Why was I editing, you ask?

Because, I am getting my first ever book published!

Yes! You heard me right! Besides being an avid blogger, I am now going to be a published author too!! Isnt that sweet?

And if you have liked what you have been reading here, you must read the book, which hits the stands end of next week!

Does this mean I wont write here anymore?

Of course not!

It means now that I have enough of time on my hands all over again, I am going to be back to writing like always before!

What's the book called? - Knots and No Crosses

Why? - Read the book and you'll know

What's the book about?

The wave of ‘feminism’ has swept over the world and empowered women to shout out from rooftops. They are forever harnessing attention by drawing the mind towards a range of problems starting with PMS, labour pains and now the marital market. The marital market is unfair on the women of today!

Every single time I have read a book about a thirty something single woman warring with the pressures of an Indian prejudiced marital mind set, I have wanted to scream, “STOP!” The marital expectations of an Indian society do not limit themselves to the gender. A thirty four year old male.could also be labeled a ‘thirty something single man’ vexed with his family for goading him into marrying.

So I decided to write about it. I decided to write about, how when it comes to relationships and weddings, life really isn’t all that simple for anybody, male or female. I decided to start with writing about a wedding.

Sneak Peek

"The woman he had no intentions of loving, but who he did love, hopelessly. The woman he had no intentions of dating, but had ended up committing himself to. The woman who had always been four years older than him, but realized it only when she was about to hit London for a PG course.
The woman who had gotten into the car without looking back once, as he stood there on the empty streets outside the institute nursing a broken heart.
Patty, the woman who was today married to some investment banker and a mother of a four year old, who had somehow heard of his wedding and had decided to message him.
She sure deserved an invite."

Akkie’s relationships have followed a trial and error pattern. He finally meets the one woman who completes him. They both plan their ‘dream wedding’, only, the wedding turns out to be anything but a dream! As Akkie, tries to placate his agitated bride three days before their wedding, his past catches up with him, spelling disaster after disaster. The crunching blow, comes when the son of his first ever girlfriend calls Akkie ‘Papa’ in front of a room filled to capacity with the Bride’s family. The wedding gets called off. But Akkie knows, there is no one else for him, but her…

Hope you enjoy reading the book, much more than I enjoyed writing it!


d gypsy! said...

eh finally


Mrinalini said...

Way to go girl!
Am soo happy for you! Will read :)

Prakhar said...

hey....CONGRATS!! :)...wud luv to read it!!

oo7 said...

will make sure i get a copy :)

Khamakha said...

Congratulations, had heard about it frm raingirl:) Wil for sure grab a copy..

The theme sounds very interesting:)
Congratz again....

marvin the paranoid android said...

waiting for it to hit the bookstores in chandigarh...

what's next in the pipeline??

AshenGlow said...

Congratulations Madam... :) Im really really happy for you!! Need not mention that i'll surely read your book... Adn yes.. Welcome back!


lonetwin said...

Hey girl ! Congratulations ! Way to go !!

Will you sign my copy if i bring it over ? ...I am sure that'll make it be a collector's item pretty soon :-)

Wish you the best,
- wonder boy

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ d gypsy!

Thanks girl!!

And I so agreee.. FINALLY!! :P

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Mrinalini

thank you so much!! Please gimme feedback too!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Prakhar!

Thanks :) temme what you think!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Vikram

Thanks!! When do we meet?

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Khamakha!


Raingirl is such a sweetheart!! Sure hope the theme tempts you to read the ENTIRE book!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Marvin

no clue :l

but something definitely!

Beauty and the BEast said...


Thanks girl!!

and need I say you encouraged me to believe that this was actually possible??!!

So Thank YOU!!

Beauty and the BEast said...


you made it here!! yay!! was wondering how and when I cud get a message across to you!!

yay!! again!!!


AshenGlow said...

Really? Now that was Flattering, I say!!!