Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Other Side of Lies


Another empty pint bottle hit the water and gently sunk to the depths. Chirag opened another one and quietly handed it to Pradeep. It was the last of the half dozen they picked up on the way to the bridge. It had been a long time since they last came up here. They sat on the edge, legs dangling over the edge, watching the sun set over the river.

"You know", Pradeep started, "getting married was my idea. I don't even know if she really wanted to marry me. I mean apart from just getting married which all of them want to do."

"when they reach that particular age," interjected Chirag.

"At that particular age, precisely, I just don't know if she wanted to get married to me in particular. There was Duleep also. They are still friends you know. I think she spends more time talking to him than me!"

"Well you have been busy…"

"Only because we want to move in to a pent house! I am glad where we are. Of course everybody wants to live in a bigger space but it's not like I really want to, it's her" Pradeep moaned. The chill in the air combined with the beer was taking effect.

"And then there is the… thingy," Chirag carefully approached.

"yeah… The thingy. It's not like it's bad. It's good, not great, but good. Of course after the baby and all, I don't really expect it to be like the old days. Phew! We had some crazy… thingy those days. Of course we have special days that we plan."

"you have scheduled… thingy?"

"Don't smirk. One day you will be married and god bless you if she will honour the schedule."

"ok ok, calm down now" Chirag laughed.

The sun slipped gently down the horizon. The remaining light was slowly draining out, the sky awash in hues of purple and reds. Soon they will get up and head back home. It was time to broach the topic before darkness fell.

"So you cheated on her?" said Chirag, staring intently at the water. A slight hiss betrayed his friend, he wasn't expecting the hit.

"Did she tell you?"


"I don't know why I did it. Yeah, it was sex. But that just wasn't it."

A silence separated them. A man weighted down by his deeds and the other with a emptiness within. They sat there with the darkness enveloping them. From somewhere the sounds of traffic drifted up.

"So now what?" said Chirag.

"I don't know. I wish she would forgive me. I wish she will take me back."

"No wishing you hadn't done it?"

"Oh yeah that too" Pradeep added. "But how did you find out about this?"

"I slept with Kirti last night" said Chirag, "I overheard her speaking to Kash in the morning."

"Finally it happened, didn't I tell you she wanted you! So how was it?"

"Fantastic! It was the best sex I ever had."


"Would I lie to you?" said Chirag.


Mystique Wanderer said...

men and sex

women and sex

people and priorities

infidelity is a very misused term...if u wouldn't give anything more priority than to ureself...then realizing ure u in the mirror...u can't/shouldn't give anything more priority than ure partner...

when that starts happening...for work, kids, blah blah blah...the infidelity has already set into the is just the most evident form of it

Prakhar said... wl be men...good one :D..and I see this developing into another story..

interesting conversation :)

rain girl said...

i agree with MW..

"the infidelity has already set into the is just the most evident form of it"

nice goin on...

d gypsy! said...

nice new look...

i dint like the story (the idea, the writing is as always gud) that much though its just another dimension, happening everywhere ...

again, loved the new look.

and thanks for those words at my place.

oo7 said...

the next part please......

Crimson Feet said...

how so very mean you are!!!... hilariously and brilliantly MEAN!!! :)

absolutely loved this unexpected extension to the tale of lies !!

seher's shenanigans said...

indeed infidelity is a over hyped!

marvin the paranoid android said...

@ beauty...
firstly and foremostly, lovely look to the blog you have given... am most definitely impressed... lemme check my calendar for the days to go for 15 sep 2011...

and so far as the story is concerned, you have spun a yarn from nowhere... i mean, i just could not expect the story to continue... brilliant as ever....

ranjana said...

@beauty nice story
i completely agree with you. partner has to b on top of the list. you can't afford to ignore your partner for anything. wish more people realized it.

AshenGlow said...

Mm hmm.. So something new's cooking... And of course... seems refreshing and interesting as usual...


Am so happy to be back after yet another long break... Heh!

All Smiles,

Prakhar said...

B n B

long time no are ya??

Prakhar said... are ya??...Update :)

crasiezt said...

Good one:-)

comfortably numb said...

dedication 4 u on my blog!!!

AshenGlow said...

OK.. Just one question... WHEN?????

Sayani said...

infedility does nt need any excuse i guess...:)

great stuff keep 'em going

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

the scarlett letter. adultery. lol. sex is so overrated.