Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Blue Dolphin

Wrapped in love, they wandered through the aisles of the mall, experiencing togetherness. Like the lovelorn couple in the eighties, who would wander aimlessly through shopping streets, admiring, giggling and in general having fun.

While he looked to the right, where electronics flaunted themselves with the pseudo promise of a hassle free life, she looked left. Arranged in delightful rows were soft toys of all colours, shapes and kinds. So far content with holding his hand, she now let it go, to momentarily pamper the child in her.

She picked up quite a shapeless blue dolphin and rubbed her cheek against the soft fur. It felt so wonderful. She eyed the dolphin with longing and was reluctant to let go of it.

“Charming the dolphins are you?” he said coming up behind her.

She smiled at him. Secretly she wished he would sense the unspoken desire to possess the dolphin. But moments ticked by and her desire threatened to remain a ‘forever’ secret.

It was the 21st century after all and a more direct approach best suited the situation. She nudged him playfully and said, “He is so cute, ain’t he?”

He had picked up a brown teddy bear from a nearby rack and was eyeing it with the curiosity mowgli had reserved for Radha. He put the bear down and shrugged his shoulders, “What do you find so cute about balls of cotton wrapped in Turkish towels? Beats me!”

That definitely did end the discussion. There was no way he was ever going to gift her a soft toy. She sighed inaudibly and put the dolphin down with a last pat. Wines and chocolate he definitely had a taste for, but soft toys? That would have to be another story altogether.


She had woken up that morning feeling out of focus and in a mood to war with the entire world. She had snapped at the maid, her early morning conversation with her mother had spiraled hopelessly out of control and she had lost her temper there too. When he had wanted to hug her good morning, she had cold shouldered him and walked away.

She had been snapping at his heel, right till the moment he exited for work. He hadn’t said one word. She had had a sleepless night and he had claimed he understood. But that didn’t make things alright. They just made them worse. For now she felt like the worst woman under the sun.

She plonked on the chair and willed her pain to go away. Finally, she burst into tears for she had done what she hated doing the most. She had hurt the very people who were trying to show they cared. She cried some more, without knowing why. But it felt nice to feel the tears on her cheeks.
The doorbell pealed. Given her state of mind her first reaction was to get irked at the unwanted interference. She mentally berated herself and went to answer the door. A prettily wrapped colourful package awaited her.

There was no sender mentioned. Curiously she picked it up and even as she walked back in, her finger tugged at the wrappings. She looked at her gift and was overwhelmed. Unknowingly, the tears cascaded down once again.

For hours she lay cuddled in bed, hugging her gift to her heart. The Blue Dolphin.


Scribblers Inc said...

Totally sweet! :)

Scribblers Inc.

marvin the paranoid android said...

now i like it better.. you are back to the typical you- queen of mush... as i write this, my peripheral vision is filled with hues of pink and chocolates and flowers and... ... .... ...

rantravereflect/ jane said...

awwwwww :)

that was all cozy n mushy n lovey-dovey..

i hug my princess pillow everyday, as i sleeeeeeeppppppp :)
geeee :*
but a gf gave it to me..

but yeah, mem do know what cranky women want :)

n when it's that blue dolphin, welllll, it's a fringe benefit- now, they can actually sleep a lil freeR!

d gypsy! said...

cute story...

i go with Marvin-u are the queen of mush...


Crimson Feet said...

i wonder where do you get all these absolutely perfectly romantic sweet mushy ideas from ?!!? ;)

Prakhar said...

ahh...luvly :D
truly romantic!! :)

being purple... said...

Umm.. awww... *hug*...

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

a tad predictable but worth a read definitely. :)