Monday, September 15, 2008

Mysterious Wedding

Half-knowledge is like a particularly annoying itch, which surfaces bang in the middle of a boisterous party, where for the first time you have managed to grab the spotlight. You are dying to reach out and scratch your crotch, but you just can’t! No spotlight hero gives in to his ancestral inclinations.

In a somewhat similar predicament, she sat at the dining table, twirling her snazzy cell phone on the smooth glass surface, seeking solace in its whirring motions. Some distance to her right, lay Lav’s visiting card face down on the table. She knew he was at the wedding, as surely as she knew it was he and Shaina on the lush lawns of Moor Manor. She was almost sure, that he was the groom, after all she did attend the wedding!

On an impulse she got up and started pulling the drawers of the filing cabinet. She knew she had stashed the wedding invite somewhere. She remembered it was a brick red card, with gold trimmings. She remembered sitting with the card cuddled in bed and dampening the golden ink with tears, she didn’t know she was shedding. How teenager-ish, she thought as she ruffled some more papers in search of that vile card. And how teenager-ish of her to have kept that card as a romantic memory of a painful heartbreak.

But how intelligent of her too! For now that card would prove to her and to Raina, whose head was ringing with pseudo wedding bells, that Lav Kulshreshtha was a liar! That he did get married at Hutchinson Gardens and to Shaina! Yes, he could steal your breath away with one smile and his voice poured over your cold heart like hot chocolate, but he had married and that was the bitter truth. She rummaged further fervently praying for the card to find its way under her seeking fingers.

Forty long minutes later her prayers were answered. With a heart thumping as wildly as dyslexic workers with sledge hammers, she opened the card:

A marriage is a promise,
Like so many promises,
We might fail to keep this one,
Or like some others we might see it through…
Who can predict what the future holds?
But we have set our hearts
To honestly attempt
Sculpting our lives
Into one magnificent wonder
We want to inaugurate this promise
In the presence of friends
Who made us believe
In the magic of such promises
So please be there..

Lav and Shaina

There! There were those words again, which had moved her to tears then, as they moved her to tears now. The confused promised of two hearts in love, willing the world to be a little easier on them. She squinted at the card again, yes, it was signed Lav and Shaina and not love, Shaina. He could not fool her with that, at least. So he did get married to Shaina! Of all the rotten things to do! Not that marrying Shaina was a rotten thing to do. Hiding the fact, that he was married, was a rotten thing to do.

The more she thought about it, the more she was convinced that he had indeed meant his wedding to Shaina be a buried secret! The wedding at Hutchinson Garden was more like a select dinner for invitees only. There was even an uniformed guard at the entrance checking if you were carrying an invite. She wouldn’t have gotten an invitation either. It was just fate and coincidence indulging in one of their favourite games, which had landed the invitation in her lap. She barely knew Lav. She had always just admired him from a distance and listened to tales of his wondrous deeds from the many colleagues who had a crush on him as well. And she definitely didn’t know Shaina.

But Chris did. Chris knew Lav , as a competitor and a potential rival in the race for promotions. Besides, Chris and Lav were legendary friends. And Chris and she were friends. Not legendary, but close friends, who could occasionally share a drink, get drunk, abuse the world, let down their masks and not hold it against each other the next day. So, when he had forgotten his invite to this hush-hush wedding, he had called her and pleaded her to fetch it for him. Lav having seen him at the entrance had ensured his invitation-less wedding.

So when she stood at the entrance with an invitation, not meant for her, and the guard had bowed her in, she quite naturally walked in!

So ok, she had been a gate-crasher wedding! Lav didn’t know that. She had had an invite. Maybe he had thought her to be a friend of Shaina’s!

But all that was the past. What was the present was the existence of the wedding invite and the glaring fact that Lav had lied. Her itch of half-knowledge was turning into a full blown rash! She picked up the card and studied his number as if it were a complicated mathematical equation demanding the fullest of concentration.

She picked up the phone and dialed his number.

“Hello?” he said in the melting chocolate voice and she did almost melt.

“Lav?” she felt she ought to confirm his identity.

He laughed, that rich laugh which kept you warm at nights. “I sure hope you are referring to my name and little else…”

She blushed. Knowing there was no way he could see her, she still blushed under hi seasy flirting.

“This is Shikha, Raina’s friend?” she said revealing her identity.

“Oh yes! I do remember! The one who got her grooms confused!” he said the smile still lingering in his voice. “What can I do for you? Clear some more cobwebs?”

“Actually,” she said her temper beginning to rise, “ I called to tell you , that your cobwebs need a broom taken to them, and you perhaps need to jog your memory and that you have the groom confused at your own wedding!”

“I told you, Shaina is married to my best friend Akshay. Not me.” He said beginning ot sound exasperated.

“Then why am I staring at a wedding invite signed Lav and Shaina?”


Prakhar said...

Now he will say..indeed it was his and Shaina's wedding card, but his friend got married that day....coz Shaina loved his friend!

m sorry if i ruined the story...wud love to read something entirely different!

•♥•...๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑..•♥• said...

lovely story...i can't wait what happens next??
jaldi jaldi post karo yar.
i am so excited .. :D

comfortably numb said...

hmmm...dis is getting really interesting now!!!
1st para is kool but why does it give d feeling tht ultimately it would maybe be the gitl's fault/misconception...

rain girl said...

hehe i thought exactly as prakhar did...:P

nahi dunt make it cliched giirl.. :) muahh!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

nice story...
wondering what is in stock...
waiting for that..


Cinderella. said...

Now this is a delicious twist !

AshenGlow said...

LoL @ Prakhar's comment...

Now that one cat's is out of the bag, i too certainly want to read something entirely different!

And im sure it would be great!

All anxious and eager,

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

**scratchin ma head

Ok i cant wait nemore... update pls

PS: nice n intrsting... my mind will be comin back i m sure!!!

Crimson Feet said...

waaiitttiinnggg !! :)

whens the next post?!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Prakhar

nah! You didnt ruin my story... so no worries there!!

And I like predictable...

as long as predictable is interesting

or maybe.. its predictable with a twist..

say what??

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ V

Hope this is jaldi enough :P

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ comfortably numb

What can I say? maybe women are more quick to jump to conclusions? Maybe they accept things at face value?

Its all a lil confusing :O

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Rain Girl

Kya kare... control nahi hota :P


Beauty and the BEast said...

@ vinz aka Vinu

hmmm makes me wonder too!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Cinderella!


Beauty and the BEast said...

@ ashenglow

ah damn!! might just disappoint you a little there...


Beauty and the BEast said...

@ me mini mini mouse

hey welcome aboard!!

and sure hope your mind leads you right back here :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ crimson feet

wont have to wait tooo long!! :P

gunj said...

i dunno hw i missed it but thankfuly nw i wont hav to wait fo d next part to be posted!! :P