Monday, September 1, 2008

Full Circle

Sleep was like the golden strands of dawn, slipping away even before one could notice their subtle presence. Almost anything could steal her sleep away from her, even the soft footfalls of the approaching breeze. So when her phone screamed shrilly into the silent drunkenness of the night, it startled her sleep into disappearing. She rubbed her eyes once again and checked the display on her cell phone, it was three am.

“Hullo?” she answered sounding wide awake. The last vestiges of fatigue beat a hasty retreat out of her body as she stretched into a sitting position.

“Did I wake you up?” she asked. Why is it that people ask the most obvious questions when they wake others up at alarming hours?

“No! Not at all,” she said tapping her foot on the cold floor in search of her slippers. “ I was just lying awake thinking of sleep!”

“Heeheeehee,” she giggled nervously. Her voice was heavy, which could only mean two things; either she had been drinking heavily or she had been crying. Either ways, the phone line was booked till the early hours of a restless morning.

“Mom had called from India,” she informed.

She stopped mid-way through the act of sinking her feet in her puppy brown slippers and asked, “Everything Ok?”

“NO! Everything’s not OK!” she bawled. Hearing her bawl, she hurriedly grabbed her dressing gown and donned it over her pyjamas.

“Hush! Calm down! What happened?” She asked heading towards the kitchen. Coffee always buffered a shock.

“Its ma,” she sniffed at the other end. “She has finally found the perfect guy to marry me off to!”

She banged the coffee kettle so hard on the platform, that she almost cracked the glass bottom, “this is the tragedy?! Raina!! You are calling me at three in the morning to bawl over an occurrence which takes place at least thrice a week.. Unfailingly!”

“No!” Raina hastened into the conversation, “No! It’s serious this time. It’s a son of a friend of Dad’s Elder Brother!”

Realizing that she had no choice but to hear this out, she reached for the coffee beans and spooned them into the coffee maker.

“So?” she asked switching the coffee-maker on.

“So.. he has apparently done his law from Harvard and has a successful practice in London. He wines and dines the who’s who of London and has opened a sister concern in India. Within six months the Indian sister concern has apparently made it to the top list of India’s who’s who and so how could this guy be any wrong?”

Point to be noted. How could such a guy be any wrong for ANY girl? “So.. why is he still single?” she asked peeping into the fridge to see if she could manage a midnight snack.

“See?? Exactly my question! I am sure he has a defunct testicle!” Raina sniffed again

She rolled her eyes to an unseeing audience and pushed the bowl of fruits aside to reach for the peanut butter. Fattening and highly comforting.

“Oh wait! And he has a name!” Raina was saying

“Of course he has a name!” she said balancing the phone between her shoulder and ear and slicing the bread into thick slices.

Raina laughed, “ he is called love!”

“What?” she said laughter shaking her voice, as she cut the banana into thin slices.

“Yeah I know, so totally weird!” Raina confirmed, “Love Kuru.. Kul.. shesta or something like that…”

“Lav Kulshrestha?” She asked holding her breath.

“Yes! That’s it!” Raina celebrated. “Wait! Do you know him?” she asked

“Umm..heard of him,” she agreed and then, “ you know what girl? Let me just call you back in five? I really gotta go…”

“Pee break?” Raina wanted to know

“What else” she laughed and hung up.

But no it was not a pee break that had made her run. It was the topic of their conversation – Lav Kulshrestha. It cant be, it couldn’t be! Could it? But he was married. He had married last year.

She still remembered the wedding. It was a spectacular affair, of ribbons and roses and the perfect band, playing the perfect music, for the perfect couple. Yes, the perfect couple. She still remembered them standing in the garden, drenched in the moonlight as conscious of each other as two forlorn teenagers, yet each brimming with love for the other.

Her heart still ached with a raw pain, as if somebody had mercilessly pulled the bandages off a healing wound and ripped it further open in the process. Her heart had been torn into a million shreds as she had watched her love crumble on that moonlit night. She had somehow made it to the wedding, but she remembered nothing of it. All that the name brought back to her were crushing emotions.

So what was he doing out on the marriage market again?


Cinderella. said...


What is he doing in the marriage market ?

Cz he is single again...

comfortably numb said...

What is he doing in the marriage market ?
coz sum ppl nvr learn from their mistakes:)

ding said...

oooooooooh intriguing! this definitely has promise. sounds like the start of a romcom movie.

of course the lady just has to get back with luv in the end!

wana more!

happyz said...

hmm may be selling himself off once again!! Wound reopened huh...

Beautifully xpressed - Hope not true ;)


Ding said...

dear B&B

you have inspired me to start a little blog of my own. do have a look, please be kind tho!

rain girl said...

probably his mom arm-twisted him into this :P

mayz said...

do they allow ploygamy in london??

Crimson Feet said...

lol... this is fun!! and fantastically paced... just the right amount of laze and just the right length of shock...
waiting for the next part and don't tell me there isn't one!!

good read... makes one want more!

Jo said...

Oh my word, your description and the train of thought the characters take you one are fantastic - riveting. Bravo.

crasiezt said...

Been forever since I dropped by, and am glad I didn't miss this! Most unexpected!! *as always*

And your blog looks different from what I remember..and yes nicer too!

AshenGlow said...

The story ended and began at the same time! Hello.. pl dont get away without letting us know why!!!

rain girl said...

hmm kool..and when's the next part..but i feel there won't be any..right?

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ cinderelaa

we shall just wait and watch :P

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ comfortably numb

I love your answer hehehhe :D

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ ding

amen! your wish just came true :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Happyz

dontcha worry.. its fiction guaranteed :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ rain girl

what a great thought.. probably you know...

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ mayz


Beauty and the BEast said...

@ crimson feet

of course there is one!! i just hope you enjoy it as much too!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ jo


and thanks!! that was a very inspiring comment

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ crasiezt

hey girl!! where were you??

great to have you back!!

thanks a tonne!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ ashenglow

Now I couldnt possibly be that mean, could I ? ;)

gunj said...

defunct testicle was funny :P