Thursday, July 10, 2008

From lust to love

He tugged at the thin straps knotted at her slender back and allowed the silver Lycra top to slither to the marble floor; he smiled at the rush of power he felt and perched on the edge of the king-size bed. She was a sexy woman.

He heard his mobile phone buzz, announcing that he had received a sms. He almost knew who the sender was.

Ignore it! He commanded himself. He was with a woman! A semi-naked woman who was sexy as hell and with perfectly shaped breasts!

But he couldn’t. Lost in thought, he trailed his palms over her waist to rest on her hips. She sighed with her whole body, from the little breathy catch in her throat to the way she leaned all the more heavily into him, rubbed herself against him.

He sighed heavily as he pushed her away. In response to the confusion in her eyes, he smiled his most apologetic smile and reached out to pick up his cell phone.

Yes, the message was from Kay: Are you in yet? If not call me.

He did not know whether to kill Kay or adore her. But he found himself reaching out the speed dial digit which would connect him to her. She picked up on the first ring.

“You busy?”

“What’s the emergency woman?”

“Its Pat’s pool-side bash, I need help in deciding whether to wear the pink two-piece with glittering hearts on it or the lime green one with a beaded border?”

“You called me for that? Do you have any idea what I was involved in?”

“Oh you as usual must be on top of some woman or the other. What’s the point of yelling at me. You shouldn’t have called if the bimbette was that important!”

“Oh yeah and if you don’t decide what you wear to Pat’s party, which is incidentally one week away, right now, you will have a stroke!”

“So… how far had you gone?” she asked curiosity making her voice sound a little different.

He looked towards the bed, where the ‘bimbette’ lay, making inviting eyes at him. What was he doing on the phone again? There was a sexy woman, waiting for him in bed and here was standing bare chested at the bedroom window making conversation with K.A.Y.

“Excuse me?!!” he blurted.

“Ugh!” she made an exasperated noise. “ Have you like already added whipped cream to your.. err… desert?” She said by means of explanation.

“Nope I did not add whipped cream!! Yuck!! What a way to put things!!!” He screamed into the phone

She laughed and he felt his lips lift at the corners in the beginnings of a smile.

“You are so not going to be able to go any further with her than this, sweetheart,” she cooed knowingly into the phone.

Which was true, the semi-naked woman on the bed, right now just looked like an interesting object of art. He sighed. Kay had done it again. He cut the phone.

“Problem?” the bimbette asked

“Wife” he lied with a smile.

“What?” She screamed. She sprang off the bed, dressed in record speed and slammed the door on her way out. Aptly Kay called.

“So she left?”

“Yes woman…”

“I don’t like these stupid women in your life….” Kay whispered

“You don’t have to like them. I do.”

“You didn’t hear me. I do NOT like these stupid women in your life…”

“Kay…” it was a question, a doubt, an answer and a solution.



“Ok. Yes I do!”

“Huh? Then why… did you .. I mean..”

“It took me two years and millions of plots to spoil your one night stands to realize I love you.. ok? But there I do!”


What's In A Name ? said...

A very interesting story.....told more interestingly! :P

comfortably numb said...

Have you like already added whipped cream to your.. err… desert...that's gross:P
late realization of love is so normal...
nice post!!!

Akshay said...

wonderful.... I could almost visualize it...

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ what's in a name

Umm.. just venturing into bolder territories :o

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ comfortably numb

lol!! I do admit its quite yuckily gross!! :O

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ akshay


ahem.. cough.. cough...


Cinderella. said...

Wow !! This was wow !!!!!

I love your story writing girl !!!
Major big time !

crasiezt said...

Hell I don't know what to say!
The ending was super sweet and innocent! Breath of fresh air..

And as always I've fallen in love with your narration style babe:-)

Pollyannaish said...

aww...tweet !! :)

.a. said...

LOLs, as your blog name sugegst, Wild imaginations!
I love the women-in-love intuition, incredible...

you post had the perfect flow and timings. and i loved it all..

visited it for the first time, but subscribing :)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

ya're shortsweet n sexy... i mean the writing.. crisp, bold, saucy, sexy n fukn spell binding!\loving it! totallly!

abt the whipped cream n the dessert- buahhhaha , i dint find that gross, cmon, ya made it sound gooey n yummmm :)

mayz said...

lol...wat a brillaint way n time for realization to dawn...dat indeed added cream on top of d dessert :P

marvin the paranoid android said...

whipped cream??!! anyways now that i have finally got to see an update from you, it breaks my heart to inform you that i'd be away from this place for a couple of months or so... i know you'd take good care of it, though...
see ya, then... so long...

d SINNER!!! said...

out of the ordinary....

gunj said...

that was something!
d end was great :)

debasish.. said...


Dis was totally amazin !!
luvd evry single line .

ranjana said...

it is such a nice strory...well written reminds me of jaane tu ya jaane true sometimes we just don't realize we are in love until its too late...thankfully this was not true for your protaonist


The reader stands on a high way and "the beauty" comes and offers a "lift"..then he don't remember anything...till a fresh breeze wake him up..what he remember is just love..
great way to tell a story..
me too have posted something about love..
do visit..

Paradox Phillic said...

“Kay…” it was a question, a doubt, an answer and a solution.

Brilliant!! Really....

the nutcase airborne said...
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the nutcase airborne said...

A good "job", almost done ;) tantalizing writeup that, could it possibly have been titled K.L.P.D.?