Sunday, July 27, 2008

Caramel Cappuccino

She didn’t know what to expect, lets correct that, she didn’t know who to expect. Would he really be what his photograph had portrayed him to be? A well-to-do corporate of the competitive metro world? But then was that all that he was going to be? Or would he be more? What was he expecting from this meeting over coffee?

Apprehension threatened to sear acidic burns in her stomach. She willed herself to calm down as she tentatively ascended the steps of the Costa café. He was sitting in a forgotten corner of the café, awaiting her arrival and oblivious to the crowds around him. He looked a whole lot leaner than he did in his photograph. Maybe he had indulged in the same fitness package, that she had, which was available at an anniversary discount at one of the reputed gyms. It was called gearing up for marriage.

She approached the table with increased nervousness. In fact she was so wrapped up in her apprehension that when she said, “Rajiv?” it escaped as a throttled squeak!

Should she now bury herself in her own apprehension and just turn on her heel and storm out? Too late. He had already responded to her squeak and was rising from his chair with an extended hand.

“Meghana…” it was not a question, it was a welcome.

She just nodded and smiled dumbly at him. He pulled out a chair for her. Do they make men like that anymore? Wait! He wasn’t going to turn out to be one of those metro-sexual males who would dab spilled coffee with tissue papers and then folded them into neat wads before hunting for a dustbin to dispose them into, was he? She had nothing against environmental friendliness and a clean table, but then a guy obsessed with the trivialities of a clean coffee cup was, well not her cup of tea. She was so lost in her own thoughts, that she almost didn’t hear what he had to say.

But then obviously he had to be asking her what she wanted. Rationally that’s what a guy seated at a coffee table with a girl would do, ask her what she would like to have. So deciding she had to make use of her lost vocal abilities she answered, “Cappuccino… with caramel..”

He frowned at her, a gentle smile tugging at the corners of his perfect mouth. “But of course,” he said signaling for the waiter.

She gave a hesitant smile. Why did she feeling that she had something wrong? What better than to come right out and ask him.

“Did I say something wrong?” she asked.

“No! Of course not!” He replied ever the gentleman

“I just feel that perhaps you expected me to say something else…”

He leaned back in his chair and smiled his heart-melting smile at her. “Well it was just an unexpected response!”

“Caramel Cappuccino??” She asked thoroughly baffled.

“You didn’t hear me, did you?” He said resting his elbows on the coffee table.

She blushed a faint pink and kept mum.

“I said you were far more beautiful than your picture and your response was…”

“.. caramel Cappuccino!!!”


d SINNER!!! said...


mayz said...

hehehe...girls!!! *shakin head in disbelief*

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

nice write up..

a simple incident narrate well..

rantravereflect/ jane said...

ya always happen to give that caramel twist to your stories.. totally loved it..

n was the guy crimson fet n the gurl you???
heeee,jus curious!

Pranay said...

It really was a fun read. Very well narrated.

debasish.. said...

wat a twist :)

Gypsy said...

:D really nice one

The Wandering Hermit said...

Well one does put the foot in ones mouth at the most unopportune moments in life.. Its that bugger Murphy I tell ya who constantly sabotages the best laid plans of mice and man..

Cracked me up ... just the perfect icing to an otherwise dreary day...

Beauty and the BEast said...

oo@ d sinner


Beauty and the BEast said...

@ mayz

believe it!! girls are for real :p

Beauty and the BEast said...

@Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak



Beauty and the BEast said...


neither was the guy crimson, nor the gurl me :p

thanks for loving it! :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ pranay

glad u enjoyed reading

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ debashish

well.. life IS full of quirks

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ gypsy


Beauty and the BEast said...

@ the wandering hermit

glad it made your day :)

gunj said...

dat happened fo real inne?