Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vodka with a twist

Bachelor’s parties, lets make that spinsters bash in this instance, invariably lead to conversations centering around pre-marital jitters and cold feet. Objectively, that is what separates a spinsters bash from any other bash, the merciless dissection of the pros and cons of the groom-to-be. In fact conversations sometimes have been so brutal that it has been a surprise that there is a wedding after this event at all!

Five friends gathered at the home of the bride-to-be. Two married, two committed and of course one about to take the deep-end dive into a life of no-return. Four Vodka bottles, three wines bottles and one Irish cream bottle later, came the inevitable phase of brutality.

It began with Sheila. Sheila has been married for two years, almost happily married, save for occasional flare-ups which keep happening between couples, married or otherwise. In fact, amongst friends they were the ‘perfect’ couple. I fought hard to think back to her bash, but all that alcohol was making concentration a visible strain.

Taking a swig of wine mixed with vodka, Sheila asked, “Is the sex good?”

I sputtered over my drink. I am quite the bold and speak-out-whats-on-the-mind type of a girl, but open inquisitiveness about somebody else’s sex life, was so not me. But curiosity got the better of me and I accompanied three other pair of eyes as they stared expectantly at Maya, the bride-to-be.

Maya, wasn’t thrown back or perplexed. She seemed lost deep in thought as if she had been expecting the question and had quite not reached a satisfying answer yet. After several long moments, she shrugged her slender shoulder and said, “Its … the usual.”

The usual! Excuse me? How do you classify sex as the usual? Is there some guide book about usual sex, which helps you measure the pleasure of being together? Looks like I have missed out on quite a lot in life.

“So,” said Aditi, also married for the past six months now, “its not crazy, rocking and something you look forward to?”

“Of course it is!” said Maya a tad defensively. “I wouldn’t marry a guy who was not good in bed! Lets get real here, most fights end in bed! And if the bed’s not inviting enough you are going to be fighting all your life…”

The other three nodded their agreements and I just sank further into the cushion of the couch. I did not agree. Well the sex is undoubtedly the best after a fight. Psychologists say it is because fighting and the resolution of a fight peaks emotions, which then find a release in the final act of togetherness when two bodies become one. It enhances the futility of a fight while highlighting the greater joy of being together. But I do not think at that point anybody cared about my psychoanalysis or about the fact that good sex is an outcome of resolution of a fight than the fight itself.

I know Maya for one, would hear it all and then say, “Whats the point babe? The point is, no matter what the reason, at the end of it - the conclusion is good sex. Period.”

Jenny, who was going strong in a relation for the past year, was the most timid of us all. The one with a gentle smile and an elegant giggle… pour some alcohol into her and she could put some of the brashest tongues to shame. “Does he expect you to coo mushy things at him after having sex?”

“Of course!”


“Ok woman!” Sheila, since she was married for two years, it qualified her as THE expert on topics as such ventured to impart some wisdom to Jenny. “There are rules and then there are rules. All of them unspoken. One such rule is the confession of an emotional bonding with the man after he has made love to you. Do it whether you want to or not!”

“But why?” asked Jenny genuinely curious.

Sheila and Aditi rolled their eyes and Maya leaned forward evidently interested. “Because if you are not emotionally involved with the guy, then you are just another sexual conquest! You have to get emotional with him to let him know that you are different from the rest of the women he has been with!”


I did not know I had screamed that out loud, till I was staring back at four very taken aback faces. I just shrugged and pointed to the bottle I was holding by means of explanation and sank bank. I was not going to sit and defy three obviously convinced women that they were wrong. But I did think. I tried hard to think of the last time I went all wishy washy over my guy after we had made love. All I could come up with was a feeling of intense pleasure and satisfaction and an explanation for why he was absolutely the most fantastic lover… ahem… again not something I was about to share with four drunken women.

But then was something the matter with me?

“It gets easier with time,” Aditi added. “ Once you are married, the sex boils down to like thrice a week…

“..twice” Sheila corrected

“… and then, its alright if you say nothing at all and turn to other side and fall asleep. Best Bet? Seven minutes and you’ll hear him snore too!!”

I could not think of ONE night where I had fallen asleep without making out! I probably would have nightmares if I did! Nor could I think of ONE morning which was not filled with the multiple joys of feeling loved… twice a week?

My horror was reflected on Maya’s pale face as she said, “Heck! Then I don’t want to get married…”

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Caramel Cappuccino

She didn’t know what to expect, lets correct that, she didn’t know who to expect. Would he really be what his photograph had portrayed him to be? A well-to-do corporate of the competitive metro world? But then was that all that he was going to be? Or would he be more? What was he expecting from this meeting over coffee?

Apprehension threatened to sear acidic burns in her stomach. She willed herself to calm down as she tentatively ascended the steps of the Costa café. He was sitting in a forgotten corner of the café, awaiting her arrival and oblivious to the crowds around him. He looked a whole lot leaner than he did in his photograph. Maybe he had indulged in the same fitness package, that she had, which was available at an anniversary discount at one of the reputed gyms. It was called gearing up for marriage.

She approached the table with increased nervousness. In fact she was so wrapped up in her apprehension that when she said, “Rajiv?” it escaped as a throttled squeak!

Should she now bury herself in her own apprehension and just turn on her heel and storm out? Too late. He had already responded to her squeak and was rising from his chair with an extended hand.

“Meghana…” it was not a question, it was a welcome.

She just nodded and smiled dumbly at him. He pulled out a chair for her. Do they make men like that anymore? Wait! He wasn’t going to turn out to be one of those metro-sexual males who would dab spilled coffee with tissue papers and then folded them into neat wads before hunting for a dustbin to dispose them into, was he? She had nothing against environmental friendliness and a clean table, but then a guy obsessed with the trivialities of a clean coffee cup was, well not her cup of tea. She was so lost in her own thoughts, that she almost didn’t hear what he had to say.

But then obviously he had to be asking her what she wanted. Rationally that’s what a guy seated at a coffee table with a girl would do, ask her what she would like to have. So deciding she had to make use of her lost vocal abilities she answered, “Cappuccino… with caramel..”

He frowned at her, a gentle smile tugging at the corners of his perfect mouth. “But of course,” he said signaling for the waiter.

She gave a hesitant smile. Why did she feeling that she had something wrong? What better than to come right out and ask him.

“Did I say something wrong?” she asked.

“No! Of course not!” He replied ever the gentleman

“I just feel that perhaps you expected me to say something else…”

He leaned back in his chair and smiled his heart-melting smile at her. “Well it was just an unexpected response!”

“Caramel Cappuccino??” She asked thoroughly baffled.

“You didn’t hear me, did you?” He said resting his elbows on the coffee table.

She blushed a faint pink and kept mum.

“I said you were far more beautiful than your picture and your response was…”

“.. caramel Cappuccino!!!”

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My very adorable boyfriend

Spending time together, does bring you closer in more ways than one. I don’t mean, the usual together-time, you know the lingering over coffees, or wine and candle light dinners etc. I mean living together. I mean waking up next to each other in the morning kind of togetherness.

So going on a trip with the love of my life, opened doors to more discovery than one! I of course discovered that life would lose its essence without him. But I also acquainted myself with his very many quirks!! And believe me, had it been anybody else I would have been screaming my head off! But with him, it was just mighty adorable.

Like, the other night, we are all cuddled up in front of this absolutely romantic fireplace, sipping chilled wine, me huddling closer to him – partly because of the cold and partly because I just wanted to… He wanted to cuddle up with me and watch a stand up comedy by (admittedly a brilliant guy) Russel Peters! I just couldn’t say no! Not because I didn’t want to dishearten him. I know had I just said, that I didn’t want to, he would be content just holding me and well.. filling up the silence! But I couldn’t say no because for him watching one of his favourite stand up comedians cuddled up with me, was a part of being together!! He is just so passionate about his rib tickles that it is infectious! I mean if he can wait outside a loo, holding on the my pink jacket in broad daylight, just because I need him around and crowds scare me - watching Russel Peters on a romantic night with him is a treat!

I have these bursts of affections, which gush out unannounced. And I so must express them then and there. So while he was in the midst of telling me about the history and magnificence of Russel Peter ( I must point out that I was very interested in the info being parted to me) I suddenly realised that I loved him more than I ever thought was possible. And guess what? He just had to know!! So while he is talking, with one arm around my shoulders and animation making his eyes come alive. I inch closer to him and look straight at him and say, “I love you!” The conversation proceeds uninterrupted. He finishes in about three minutes and then turns to me, “ … and by the way, I heard that. I love you too!” and gives me the most adorable peck on the cheek. (*sigh! Blush*)

He hates his space being interrupted (and trust me there is no space in his life which I haven’t already peeked into or barged in upon :l). While he does not mind me picking his phone calls once in a while, keeping my stoles in the same shelf as his shirts, putting my golden sandals next to his austere black shoes on the shoe rack, making my M&Bs at home amidst his more heavier ‘Shadows of the mind’ and ‘the G.O.D experiments’ on the book shelf… there is something he does mind. He positively hates it if I have to have my finger anywhere close to the mousepad of the laptop, while he is using it!! I do that often just to exasperate him and his sheer helpless expression reserved for this moment melts my heart…

Saturday, July 19, 2008


One lazy day, the sleep deprived me decided to entertain myself with the blog world. Hopping from blog to blog, reading posts and commenting on some, I landed on crimson feet.

Interestingly, there was nothing crimson about the blog! Except the name, of course. But there in stood two very interesting characters, Ramprasad Rasiya and Jimmy. As I read on, I found myself enraptured by the very human, yet very profound thought processes woven into short fiction stories.

Needless to say, I kept visiting and I kept commenting. I got some comments here, on this blog too. Very intrigued by the mind who churns up these thoughts, I decided to explore further. A couple of gtalk chats and many many late night conversations led me right into the eye of a whirlwind romance!

Caught in the midst of this absolutely fascinating roller coaster of emotions WE decided to give in to our common cravings of adventure and embarked on our first trip together to Leh. That we didn’t quite make it there, is another story completely. But we did make it up to Sarchu. And every moment spent on the trip just got us closer.

Trippin Thru is an attempt to capture the essence of the magic, which keeps us spell bound even as I type…

Thursday, July 10, 2008

From lust to love

He tugged at the thin straps knotted at her slender back and allowed the silver Lycra top to slither to the marble floor; he smiled at the rush of power he felt and perched on the edge of the king-size bed. She was a sexy woman.

He heard his mobile phone buzz, announcing that he had received a sms. He almost knew who the sender was.

Ignore it! He commanded himself. He was with a woman! A semi-naked woman who was sexy as hell and with perfectly shaped breasts!

But he couldn’t. Lost in thought, he trailed his palms over her waist to rest on her hips. She sighed with her whole body, from the little breathy catch in her throat to the way she leaned all the more heavily into him, rubbed herself against him.

He sighed heavily as he pushed her away. In response to the confusion in her eyes, he smiled his most apologetic smile and reached out to pick up his cell phone.

Yes, the message was from Kay: Are you in yet? If not call me.

He did not know whether to kill Kay or adore her. But he found himself reaching out the speed dial digit which would connect him to her. She picked up on the first ring.

“You busy?”

“What’s the emergency woman?”

“Its Pat’s pool-side bash, I need help in deciding whether to wear the pink two-piece with glittering hearts on it or the lime green one with a beaded border?”

“You called me for that? Do you have any idea what I was involved in?”

“Oh you as usual must be on top of some woman or the other. What’s the point of yelling at me. You shouldn’t have called if the bimbette was that important!”

“Oh yeah and if you don’t decide what you wear to Pat’s party, which is incidentally one week away, right now, you will have a stroke!”

“So… how far had you gone?” she asked curiosity making her voice sound a little different.

He looked towards the bed, where the ‘bimbette’ lay, making inviting eyes at him. What was he doing on the phone again? There was a sexy woman, waiting for him in bed and here was standing bare chested at the bedroom window making conversation with K.A.Y.

“Excuse me?!!” he blurted.

“Ugh!” she made an exasperated noise. “ Have you like already added whipped cream to your.. err… desert?” She said by means of explanation.

“Nope I did not add whipped cream!! Yuck!! What a way to put things!!!” He screamed into the phone

She laughed and he felt his lips lift at the corners in the beginnings of a smile.

“You are so not going to be able to go any further with her than this, sweetheart,” she cooed knowingly into the phone.

Which was true, the semi-naked woman on the bed, right now just looked like an interesting object of art. He sighed. Kay had done it again. He cut the phone.

“Problem?” the bimbette asked

“Wife” he lied with a smile.

“What?” She screamed. She sprang off the bed, dressed in record speed and slammed the door on her way out. Aptly Kay called.

“So she left?”

“Yes woman…”

“I don’t like these stupid women in your life….” Kay whispered

“You don’t have to like them. I do.”

“You didn’t hear me. I do NOT like these stupid women in your life…”

“Kay…” it was a question, a doubt, an answer and a solution.



“Ok. Yes I do!”

“Huh? Then why… did you .. I mean..”

“It took me two years and millions of plots to spoil your one night stands to realize I love you.. ok? But there I do!”

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Catching Up

Catching up

Across the years, they were bound together by the strange bonds of silence. Had they tried to talk to each other, they might have regretted the words. Regrets don’t make the distance any easier to deal with. Regrets are like strong gusts of winds blowing the sails of a lone boat further away from the shore. So it was a good thing that they had not spoken for the four years in between.

Destiny does play a role in the sequence of events in our life. Had it not been for destiny, she would not have found herself in the lobby of the expensive MNC in the heart of a crazy city. For the umpteenth time she had the urge to pick up he black leather case and run. She looked at her junior, who was accompanying her and smiled instead.

If only he could detect the malice underlining that smile. Wasn’t he the one who had placed that fatal call to her? Wasn’t he the one who had fixed this meeting up? Shouldn’t he be the one contesting a stink battle between the very expensive deodorant and the very annoying sweat droplets in the armpits of his arms?

Why was she sweating? Why couldn’t she treat this as just another client call? What was so difficult about that? How had they parted all those four years ago?

Gradually, effectively, one day after another they had just drifted apart. So then why was she the one assuaged with guilt for not having stayed in touch?

She remembered the tingling feeling as she heard her name. Could it really be her? She had picked up the phone and with nervous fingers dialed her number.



“Hey hi! Its me, Tanya!” there was a long pause. Had Lucy really dismissed her from her life so easily?

“Ummm we studied together in Mt. Carmel???” she supplied feeling stupid.

“Oh of course!” Lucy replied without a trace of warmth. “ How are you?”

“Good! Was just looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.”

“Are we meeting tomorrow?” Lucy asked with genuine confusion

She had laughed nervously, “ professionally, for an agency pitch.”

“Oh?! You work for an agency?” she managed to make Tanya sound so frivolous that she had hastened to terminate the conversation.

Yet she sat here, doing her duties by the company waiting to meet the one woman she did not want to meet for a long time.