Friday, May 23, 2008

Love at first sight

It was splendour wearing its best Sunday suit. The orchestra filled the evening with light music. The marble pillars which partitioned the lawns from the dome ceilinged hall were draped in white orchids. White orchids in India?!! It was even better than having doves deliver a handwritten parchment of love, not that anything of that sort had happened. But yes the white orchids clung elegantly to the smooth marble of the pillars.

The display of trends and fashion would have made some of the best designers of India, want to auction their styles here. Yet, it was merely a wedding. A wealthy wedding between two very wealthy families. It was theatre and the masses had flocked to participate. It was a swayamvar for the pretty lasses and flirting grounds for the spoilt brats. Diamonds courted green notes.

She was no diamond. But yet when she had stood before the mirror earlier this evening, she had silently admired her own subtle elegance in the reflection. Subtle elegance her foot! She felt as pretty as the ugly duckling amidst all the swans. Even her neck felt shorter, darker and fatter than those creamy necks decked in precious stones.

“Really Tashi, you could have tried dressing up at least this one time!” Rita’s mom had said in her belittling little voice. She always wondered how women whispered just at the right octave so that only those concerned would hear the whispers. This was one of those whispers. She was sure all possible match-making mothers in a radius of ten feet around them had gotten what Mrs. Benetta, the hi-flyer of Pune, had opined on this waif of oddity.

Rita Benetta on the other hand could not be flawed. Her sequined black halter forming a dramatic contrast against her pale white skin, shimmering like a veiled starry blanket under the chiffon red of her designer saree, the long black pearls which dropped from a silver string in her ear, the swarowski bracelet which curled around her slender wrist, they were all in perfect harmony with her startlingly beautiful face a black almond-shaped eyes. Natasha, had always envied her. They were not friends, but circumstances had occasionally thrown them together for one part or the another and Rita had always left her felling.. under-dressed.

“Hey Tashi, are you freaking out of your mind?” Urvashi had pulled her aside and demanded of her. Completely out of clue Natasha had just stared her. “Walking beside Rita is like committing an open market suicide! Do you really think any guy would even look at you if you are standing beside her?” with particular emphasis on any and even. Natasha just shrugged her shoulders causing one of her straps to slide off her shoulder. Before she could do anything about it, Urvashi reached out and hooked her dainty finger through the string thin silver and pushed it back into place saying, “ you really don’t understand, when you do not qualify as the top three best looking women of the evening, its ok. When you walk around with one of the women who does fit that category it just highlights your unbelonging. Get it?” chivalry might still be a name often flung at men, but diplomacy in women is almost an insult.

So she had retired to a rather unnoticed corner of the well manicured lawns with a bottle of sparkling wine and decided to spend the rest of the evening forgetting about it.

That’s how he saw her. Her feet up on the granite slab, her chin resting on her knees. The soft blue of her saree, made even softer by some far off dim light. The silver of her spaghetti blouse glinting mildly in the twilight and wisps of black her being pushed off her face by a gentle breeze. Beside stood one lone glass and one lone bottle of wine.


Mavron said...

beauty-ful. d way u describe it, is so soothing, the granite, the blue, d feet...d lone glass n d lone bottle...wat imagery.ur use of symbols is so subtle ,it might just slip by unnoticed...n yet when u catch it like d flowy satin it feels so comforting and a little heavenly.i luvd it.i want to say so mucu more, but it mite b inappropriate here.keep writing :)

Pollyannaish said...

on reading this ..all i wanted to do was..sing this song..."" :D
perfect start to a beautiful love story !!!

loved yr write-up always !!

marvin the paranoid android said...

well well... you sometimes make things so very real that it becomes difficult to actually think it is fiction...

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ mavron

But you noticed!!And thats a triumph for me...
Say all that you want to girl... Nothing's inappropriate! Some will agree, some might not.. but whats life without a lil spice??

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ pollyannaish

almost heard you sing!!:P

Wish it were almost true :o (the love story i.e.)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ marvin

You know what I was just re-reading and I notices sooooooooo many typos and grammatical errors that I almost pulled this post down!!

But then I read your comment and decided to let it stay :P

me in love said...

this is something i have alwayyssss wanted to write - but never did - and thank god for that...

ok enough abt me :p

i loved the story - goes without sayng na.. :) and mmuuahh .....i don't know why, and hugs too, i don't know why again ;)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ me in love

no reason, is reason good enough for me!!


Thanks a tonne!

sid said...

This is amazing portrayal...from the word go....I belong to the cynic club when it comes to love, but this is a gr8 post for it beautifully portrays yr thots...(which is one the tuffest things-giving words to thots!)