Monday, April 21, 2008

Love - not in the times of Cholera :p

I was having this very interesting debate on love. I was trying to convince someone that love existed, despite all odds and under the weirdest of conditions; love did exist. We were not talking of bonds which were forged by blood, like the love of a mother for her child or that of a brother for her sister. We were talking of bonds forged by destiny. We were talking of an addiction to one particular person, an addiction so strong that it transcends space and time to exist in a realm which is quite surreal.

I emphasized it is possible that one particular somebody comes to mean the world to you, that then this person means much more to you than anybody else.

He looked straight into my eyes and asked, “But he does not mean everything, does he?”

Baffled I sat back. For some reason I could not pull my eyes away from him. But I frowned my confusion.

“This… this person, though he means much more to you than anybody else, he does not mean everything, right?” He asked clarifying his point.

I was a bit confused, I shifted in my seat trying to settle this new dust of thought he had whisked up, “Of course he means everything!” I said, determined to hold my fort.

“So this means that one person means everything to you and then the rest of them just don’t matter!” He persisted.

Almost guessing where this point was leading I smiled and said, “ Man is a social animal. So of course the rest do matter! There have to be relations and friends…”

“But they just exits, right?” he cut me short. “This one person means everything to you, so the rest of the world is a mere d├ęcor to complete the backdrop?”

“Wrong!” I said getting agitated now. “Don’t be daft! Everybody has a role to play, they exist in your life for a reason. And very honestly, if he cant see their role in my life, then he really can’t be in love with me can he?” I asked, admittedly quite please to have toed my inch towards the winning edge of this now heated discussion.

“But then you are contradicting yourself!” he said, leaning back and already giving me the victor grin. “You said love was unconditional. But you are raising conditions. There is already the IF. IF he loves you then he will.”

“You just want to be difficult!” I said getting completely annoyed. I turned around to fetch my person, because very honestly by this time I wanted out. He might be a good friend, but his thick-headedness was getting to me. If I wanted to preserve our friendship I needed to get away from him and cool down.

He just watched me fumble around and then said in a very straight voice, “I just want to tell you, that you mean everything to me. Not above everybody else, but everything. You are my world and if I have you then I do not need the rest of the world around me.”


marvin the paranoid android said...

very interesting... but i tend to agree with the initial views of the fellow and am willing to continue for him where he left...

Beauty and the BEast said...


Thanks heavens its a piece of fiction else I know you would gang up against me!!

Ricky said...

I think its a very selfish thought that someone can mean everything to someone else. People around us matters and are the reason for our existence. I found the last line very cheesy rather than something with a meaning attached to it.

Mavron said...

ummm...i am still thinking..

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ Ricky

I think then I achieved what I had to.Its more a case of each man to his own!

The point being everybody has a different perspective on love, to then force once opinion of love on the other then is quite dramatic no?

learnt that the long way :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ mavron

Would love to know whenever you reach a conclusion..:)

me in love said...

wah-wah,, haii how romatic..kaash koi mujh se ye bole :P *deeep sigh*

but ok, hmm on a serious note - i almost thought i knew that person.... till i read the last line :P but hmm, didn't u subconsciously make him on him? ;)

and i agree that other people matter too. its great to be in love with someone, but that doesn't mean that rest do not matter. they do, ofcourse. we get our first lessons on love from our family, our friends. how can we forget them?

this, ofcourse is a very general thought - totally my own - and that too may vary from situation to situation.

lovely story, cha.. *applause* :D

Beauty and the BEast said...

@me in love

Thank you thank you!!


Mebbe it is inspired by you-know-who! ;)

But ssssh lets keep that our little secret!! ok?

me in love said...

no worries, girl! cross my heart and hope to die ;)

Runa said...

i think this him reminds me very much of a certain 'him'...hai na pala? :O but the last line is not totally unbelievable...there is always a first time to everything...and people change...dont they? :P
and yes, everyone around us matters, most definitely, you have to anchor yourself on more than one person, the ties that bind are also the ties that leave u deserted sometimes...

Pollyannaish said...

*sigh* !! waiting....

Crimson Feet said...

In that moment, at that precise space-time coordinate, when one is IN LOVE, then that one person does mean "everything", the entire world. And its beautiful, a memory worth cherishing forever.

But that frikkin space-time coordinate doesn't extend for too long! :)
("too long" here is relative. 1 month for some, a 70 years for some others)

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ pollyannaish

Join the line girl!!

Wistfullness does lead the imagination astray :p

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ crimson feet

That is a unique perspective and one very well appreciated :)

Pollyannaish said...

you bet !! lol !!

Beauty and the BEast said...

@ runa

Sorry missed out your comment in the train :(

Your words do have a ring of the truth. But if we really could understand all that we would give up tryin gto come with explanations. And I do not think that would be so much fun!! :)

marvin the paranoid android said...

yeah, fun is important...;)

Runa said...

a case of once bitten, twice shy... ;) and yes, fun is important :)

Khamakha said...

tht was very very straight-forward n absolutely believable!!