Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Delights of a reunion

Word of caution: Dear Tommy, you shall find reasons to smile, laugh and shake your head as you read this, but even more so, you will find points of debate which will make ensuing conversations very interesting.

Glasses of spiked punch letter, when the ties of the formal attire had been loosened. When gossip was moving more freely, conversation turned very interesting.

Abhi, the nerd of our high school group, now wearing lenses instead of his usual spectacles, sipping whiskey on the rocks, gave a rather ungentlemanly burp and announced, “I am getting married!”

The first from our group to tie the knot and the least expected to do so.

Needless to say a round of congratulations followed and more drinks were ordered on the house. Finally Shashi asked the expected, “Who’s the lucky girl?”

Shahsi, the gossip queen, long ago ready for marriage, yet struggling with the pressing demands of the marital market. Not the one who dares to have an affair, but secretly hopes she gets awarded ‘the couple of the year’ the year she marries. As she asks the question, she mentally ticks off Abhi as a prospective husband, and without quite turning her neck, begins assessing the remaining bachelors.

“Veena,” Abhi pronounces and is greeted with a pin drop silence. Veena and Abhi were childhood sweethearts, then as was expected Abhi took off to study abroad and settled in a job with a fat salary with some MNC which had no branches whatsoever in India. He would return like the true Indian Bachelor to rope in his very desi biwi. But he would rope in his childhood sweetheart again?? Very filmy.

Ajay, who was always the most sought after guy in the group, and was also incidentally quite drunk by now said, “ Not the same Veena you were dating way back then!”

“The same one.” Abhi nodded. Feeling quite proud about this.

“She marrying you?” Ajay sniggered. “ But she asked me to marry her last week! I shed me not ready for commitment! She get angreee and she shay she marry shumone elsh… I shay ok.. she shay she marry the fursht ash willing to marry her.. you that ash?!”

There is pin drop silence and me who was feeling silly for some reason, say, “So when’s the wedding?”


So here we are, Tommy and Tuppence, on yet another quest... A quest for the meaning of life, the path to nirvana, the pink three legged unicorn with two and three quarter tails and the significance of the number 42.

You can expect all this and much more from us. But be forewarned, your expectation is entirely up to you and does not have any bearing on our works and the lack of them.

So let us keep this short and sweet. In case you want more, you can come back here. Or equally well, go and surf any of the gazillion blogs on the net... It actually won't matter that much...

Till then, goodbye...


Anybody who wants to read on here, must know about the two people who will write in here:

Me: [I cant tell you whether I am the beauty bit or the beast, as that is to be a deep secret...] Coping with the fact that I am no longer a footlose teenager, yet quite unwilling to part with the kid in me. Wondering if each morning will bring something special in its wake and hoping that nights are filled with dreams. The dreamer, the believer, yet quite pessimistic for the optimist that I am!

Tommy: [again he could be the beauty of this combo too, so..]
The optimistic pessimist! The cynical adventurer. The Gentleman Officer. The sheepish boy next door. The one with the imagination. The drunken delight! [I had to let everybody know!] The friend, you can trust. A friend for life.